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Monte-Carlo Casino is an integral part of Monaco’s past and present and should not be missed on your visit to the principality. This famous landmark guide from Culture Trip provides you with everything you need to know, from a small date to some handy visiting tips.

In the early 1860s, the Plateau des Spélugues, the land on which the casino was built, was grown to grow citrus trees. It’s a very different sight from the sparkle and glamor we see today.

The construction of the Monte-Carlo Casino fell to François Blanc, founder of Société des Bains de Mer. He had a new vision for Monaco as a world-renowned gaming center. The building started in 1863 and the casino opened five years later. Architect Charles Garnier, whose work also includes the majestic Paris Opera, designed the casino – it only contributed to its world scale.

Over the decades Monte-Carlo Casino has played a huge role in how Monaco has evolved and adapted over time. From the roaring twenties to the present, the casino will always be the beating heart of the principality; it is a sign of wealth, fun and excess.

These are the most important things you should know before visiting Monte-Carlo Casino. The cashier helps by exchanging any currency so you can be part of the fun wherever you come from.

You will need a photo ID to enter the casino and everyone must be over 18 years old. The entrance fee is € 10 per person and then € 10 for entry to their private room. Every day – except for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May – the casino is open to groups and tours from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. For groups of 10 or less, it is 10 €, over 10 € 7. If you are a Circle Monte-Carlo Players Club card holder, you are lucky; Free admission!

There is no specific dress code for the casino, but ‘proper dress’ is required. This means that shorts, sneakers or flip-flops should never be worn. If you want to play around, make sure there are alternatives for these three items, even if you wear them during your stay. After 20:00, the casino recommends wearing a jacket.

The minimum amount you can bet in the main casino hall is € 5 and a maximum of € 2000. If you take your game to a private room, it increases to a minimum of € 10 and unsurprisingly there is no limit on maximum bets.

For a room purely for slot machines, the Salle des Amériques is the place to go (not to mention the incredible décor). Salle Médecin’s iconic private room is for board game lovers and James Bond fans: this is Pierce Brosnan’s frequent room in Golden Eye.

Did you know that the shiny leg of the horse on the Louis XIV statue in the Hotel de Paris lobby gives you good luck if rubbed?

A thriving city that doesn’t seem to sleep at all, Taipei is a hive of activity. Still, its residents always need peace and relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. So where are they going? Here are the best green spaces for a break in the busy city of Taipei. Daan Orman Park Park, Read More

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The magician gains the ability to specialize in a school of magic and earns one bonus spell slot per level that must be used to craft the spells of that school. In return, he has to ban two more schools; Spells from these schools are no longer effectively on the enchantment list.

Mechanically, not all schools of magic are created equal. Some have more or less spells, some have more or less varied effects, etc.

Obviously, a particular character may need to ban or specialize in a particular school in order to stick to its concept. In these cases, this question is not valid: I’m talking specifically about mechanical power.

Extra spell slots are the main benefit of specializing, but not the only benefit: a number of wizard alternative class features only work for those who specialize in a particular school.

Complete Mage gives the option to ban another spell school and drop a normal spell range for each spell level, specialist spell slots per two spell levels for another. For most, this is a bad trade: banning three schools is much harder than banning two, and trading a normal spell slot for an expert spell is not a great trade-off.

The Player Handbook II has options that allow an expert to replace what they are familiar with with a small (… in some cases) magical effect, and this effect can be used as an immediate action until the Int time per day.

This prestige class Complete Wizard offers different benefits depending on which magic school a wizard specializes in. I will consider this as part of the potential benefits of specializing in a particular school.

Undiscovered Mystery has a range of expert wizards that allow him to exchange bonus abilities, acquaintances, and / or bonus expert spell slots for bonuses based on his expertise.

Abjuration is definitely a strong school, not a school you would want to be without. However, many of the best cancellations are also on the clergy’s magic list – if you have a clergy in the party, you can deal with the cancellations and that can make it possible to confidently ban the dissuasion. If you’re a regular expert (i.e. you’re not a focused expert who should ban 3 schools), however, there are definitely better options to ban. Termination is a viable option if you need to ban 3 schools, but only if someone else is punished. You wouldn’t want to leave your party without permission, eg. do away with magic.

When it comes to spell slots, it’s probably not the best option to specialize in destroying. Most of the best cancellations last a fairly long time, and you probably don’t need a ton of abjuvenation-only spell slots. Still, you’re likely to find at least one abandonment worth throwing in at least once a day at each level, so by no means a cancellation is a bad choice.

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There is also a structure that does not compromise quality on being reliable. Just 1xbet various bonuses promotions can be input after the membership site that can be bet on Turkey. Thus, when processing operations via the account, the password is also possible to forget. If the user must forget the password required for the 1xbet entry, the new password’s submission takes place within the same day.

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1XBet membership operations are ended with the submission of the form. But every Kind sender bet delay is not possible to open an account on the site. The authorities reverts the membership demands that are submitted by individuals under the age of eighteen years.

1xbet input address, the most reliable betting site in the world is the 1xbet site click for information on the current home page. We talked about this issue at the beginning of our post, but this question is one of the mostly asked questions for 1xbet. Now which betting and on line casino content and a reliable alternative can also provide information available for this inquiry that the site can do in this direction. The input address 1XBet Company’s home page can log in with several different net browsers and can also be the opportunity to benefit from the contents of the entire site in this way. 1xBet must first review the enterprise area advertisement with a Net browser, to make the entry process. It also affects preferences to obtain bonus chances for each bet. On the other hand turkey with 1xbet entry sites also attract the attention of the higher rate of live betting.

The 1xbet offers plenty of casino play alternatives, provides special advantages on their followers by means of mobile compatibility. All devices with iOS and Android operating system can be accessed 1xbet mobile access. All bonus gains with financial transactions also evidence the powerful financial structure. Having quality infrastructure is another aspect that is also reliable.

To terminate your registration, you must send the receipt that contains a copy of your identity or your passport or the payment you are doing. Your bet agency is after you verify and receive your bonus amount with your account, you can continue and enjoy the bet agency for you. 1xbet also waits for their players to track a specific procedure for their players to sign up to the betting agency.

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As with backgammon, he developed and mastered himself over time and took his place on the world’s top winners list. Erik Seidel, who got his name in the third place when the world’s richest poker players are listed, is giving his place with his success. He has made a name for himself by being the world champion for 11 times in poker. Until now, his income has exceeded $ 24 million. Seidel never left the empty table, having earned a certain amount of wins in all of the tournaments he entered. Apart from poker, the player, who is very successful in terms of his social life, has serious success in many hobby branches such as music and tennis. Seidel, who relieved his stress of poker with activities such as music and tennis, brought to light the most important concept behind his success. Having diversity in terms of hobbies keeps him vigorous. It has 8 championships in ProRank. In 1988, he won the World Poker Competition and qualified to appear in the movie Rounder. Erik Seidel earned approximately $ 2.4 million at WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic in 2008, his highest earning in 10 years.

Born on July 26, 1974 in Toronto, Canada Despite not finishing high school, Daniel Negreanu is considered one of the best poker players in the world. Negreanu, who started to be interested in poker at a young age, learned to play poker at the age of 15. Negreanu, who did not spend much time becoming a professional with his mastery of playing the game of poker, was ahead of his rivals in earning high money and becoming popular. Negreanu is a poker player known to be constantly active in the game, regardless of what he has in his games, with the confidence of being a good poker player and displaying very relaxed attitudes in the games he plays. One of the most important advantages for him is that he is a player who is able to intimidate his opponents even with the gaze he throws at his opponents. It is not very interesting that he has achieved many successes throughout his professional poker life. He attended the WSOP event in 1989 when he was just 23 years old. During this event, he became champion in PL Holdem and received a bracelet. However, he took the title of the youngest poker player to show this success. Apart from winning two bracelets during his poker life, there are many tournaments he won. Buy-in Pot Limit Hold’em Event in 1998, Buy-in SHOE Event in 2004, Buy-in Limit Hold’em event in 2004, Buy-in No Limit Hold’em Event in 2004 and No Limit Hold’em in 2008. He achieved great success by winning tournaments such as events. In 2004, it achieved its most successful year by winning many events in the same year. The player, who attracted everyone’s attention with being a successful player, made his name known to a wider audience in 2004 when Card player magazine chose him as the poker player of the year. The player ranks 7th among poker players in the world, with a total fortune of $ 15 million. Negreanu, who has an agreement with Pokerstars company, continues his poker life with the nickname “Kid Poker” here.

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Poker game shows the feature of becoming a gamble game that requires information and experience. In this way, the chance and information must be next to the experience. The most popular poker game in live casino games is Texas Holdem. This game is as a type of poker such as Turkish Poker. It is usually the type of poker game where foreign betting sites and casino sites frequently played. The simplest rule of the poker game passes the best hand considered to be the best five.

The poker game is played with minimum 2 maximum 10 people. It is played with a deck of 52 cards. The game direction is equivalent to the clockwise direction. Whether you have a real poker table or poker game in live poker sites, every poker type is progressing the game clockwise. The game ends as a result of a person’s win on the table. Adequate level participation is quite the game ongoing.

The most important strategy is not to pass away. Because passage is passed cannot be in the game. Therefore, you must find a way to play without passage. The people who have poorly handled do not have a drawback in the passage of rust until they can recover.

People with a good hand should not show this hand. There is even a poker face statement in daily life. A good poker player never gives me the tips on the surroundings with their architects. If you are evident in your face, other players instantly begin to pass the passage. In this case, as a result of your earnings, your gain will not be well well. A good poker player is never enough with little.

If you are a good liar, you probably are the best poker player. The most important strategy of playing poker is the ability to be able to be able to be able to be a good role and to be able to be able to be able to be able to be well lied to be able to be able to be able to be able to be able to be able to be able to be well-known.

The Poker game is a very tasteful game. Therefore, this game should not be played for hours. The game played for hours means to reflect their own statements after a while. Therefore, this game is required to play at certain intervals.

A strong memory is one of the most effective weapons of a poker player. In this way, there is no situation to avoid the memory that you have opened and what is on the table.

Good poker players never give a secret. On the contrary, they show you the effort to mislead and falsely teach you. Because being poker face requires that. If you want to be a good poker player, you can only learn it on your own and losing on the poker tables. But after a while, you catch the privilege of gaining quite large sums at the moment you start winning. In this way, you find the happiness that no casino games can give you on the poker tables. Playing the poker game requires quite patience and talent. Being a poker player but it is a long process learned by cooking. If you want to be a poker player, you should know the poker rules and should behave according to it.

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Texas Holdem is probably the first version that comes to mind when you call a person poker. It is definitely the most popular form of poker right now, but there are other poker variants that should not be overlooked. Like Omaha, Razz, 7 Card Stud, Turkish Poker and 5 Card Draw. There are even formats that combine a number of different games like H.O.R.S.E and 10 Game Mix.

You can find out more about a range of different poker variations in this section of our poker guide by reading our game guides listed below. These include everything you need to know about each version and the rules for how to play them.

At the bottom of this page, we will look at the various ways a poker game can be categorized, as well as the different structures and formats that can be used. We have some advice on what types of poker games to choose.

Texas Hold’em is the best known version of poker today. It is played both live and online and is the preferred version for many of the world’s major games and tournaments. This is one of the easy games to learn and is therefore our recommendation for beginners. Click here to learn How to Play Poker.

Turkish Poker is one of the simplest poker derivatives in existence. For many people, it is a game of poker that they learn before other games and learn by playing. Turkish Poker and 5 Card Draw have less strategy than most of the other variants, making it a great game for those looking for lots of fun. You can check the Turkish Poker section on the subject.

Omaha High is often referred to as Omaha. It is the second game among the poker varieties where players usually learn how to play as it shares many similarities with Texas Hold’em. It has been played more widely over the last few years and is especially popular with gamers who want a lot of action. The challenging part of this game is now holding 4 cards instead of the 2 face down cards in Texas Hold’em game. For detailed information on this subject, you can go to our page: How to Play Omaha Poker?

Omaha Hi / Lo is very similar to Omaha High and can also be referred to as Eight or Better or Omaha / 8. The interesting aspect of this game is that players have to form TWO hands with their hand and community cards: high hand and low hand. The goal is to get the highest hand and lowest hand. Confusing, but fun! As in the game of Omaha High, 4 face down playing cards are dealt here.

Before Texas Hold’em began to dominate the market, Seven Card Stud was the poker variant of choice for professional players. It is still widely played today but not nearly as popular as it used to be. The strategy in question involves a different strategy in that you can see a set of cards in your opponent’s hand.

Razz differs from the more traditional variants of poker in that the aim of the game is to make the lowest hand rather than the highest. This is a very interesting game. It is not as popular as Razz Texas Hold’em and Omaha, but this game is widely available on online poker sites and is played by a wider audience.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw is another game where the goal is to get the lowest ranked hand. It’s a sweet game that is often packed with a lot of action, and it’s relatively easy to learn and doesn’t involve a lot of strategy. It is a game that can provide the necessary change for those who want to try something new in poker varieties.

Badugi is one of the unusual forms of poker. Although it is not played as widely as the other games mentioned here, its popularity is increasing on online sites. One of the main things that make the game unusual is that the player only has four cards instead of the traditional five.

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As the orchestra stood up and chanted “God Save the Queen” and left, everyone was so tired that there was a general desire to follow them.

Our breakfast was very good and well presented on Friday, April 2nd, Tuesday. The servants spoke French or Italian. Mr. Moore and the groom’s heads of the sultan were among the guests. The meal given by the Sultan in honor of the prince and princess was incomparably beautiful as it was extremely perfect in thought, pleasure and wealth.

Honor guard guards, horse-drawn carriages, riding horses, boatmen, and a large group of servants were constantly on duty. The orchestra, consisting of 84 admirable musicians trained by Italian teachers every night, enchanted everyone at dinner. The conductor was Senyor Guatelli Pasha, and there were at least twenty musician officers ranging from colonel to lieutenant in the orchestra.

The table was covered with gold and silver plates. Every morning the sultan sent trays filled with the rarest flowers and fruits. Valves in green and gold uniforms with white collars and cuffs were waiting at the parades. The barmen in black uniforms were also waiting to bring you hookahs with carved spots to seat tiny coffee cups with amber mouthpieces, also embroidered with jewels, when you clap your hand.

Their cuisine could not be found better and their wines were very good. Everyone about Sara could speak English or French. Turkish baths were found in the palace and they were prepared immediately when requested. Guardsman officers, officers, cavalrymen, and aides were present in the halls and corridors sparkling in gold and gold. The human character has difficulty staying under this care given to him.

When the royal boat allocated to the Prince and Princess appeared, all the walls were filled with guards, and the sounds of music began to spread with every breeze from the walls. On the docks the crews were waiting alesta and running with your slightest movement, your slightest desire was considered an order.

Apparently, the sultan remembered and demonstrated how he was greeted during his London visit. All the officers of the sultan were also trying to make the prince’s entourage feel that they did not forget how their sultans were hosted and how friendly they were in England’s bad times. “

Amadeo Preziosi, “Kayak in Front of the Maiden’s Tower”, 1866, 26×35 cm, mixed media on paper, Hayati Gürel collection

Amadeo Preziosi, “Women on the Bosphorus Coast” 1873, 29.2×46.3 cm, watercolor on paper and mixed media special collection.

During their stay in Istanbul, the Prince and Princess are invited by the sultan to the Naum Theater on two separate evenings to watch the opera performed by an Italian art group. The Sultan also participates in the theater with his entourage.

In the morning hours of April 3, the prince and his entourage set off to the pier in Sarayburnu with three sultanate boats, where they tour Topkapı Palace and historical places in Sultanahmet. The state ball given at the British Embassy would be extremely magnificent. When the Prince and Princess arrive at the ball, for which six hundred invitations were sent, they are greeted by the Ambassador and his wife. The Ariadne crew stands ready in the courtyard inside the garden gate.

William Howard Russell also recorded that evening: “In the flag-covered courtyard there was a royal marines honor guard. For the first time since the Crimean War, Pera resounded with the footsteps of British infantry. Corridors, stairs and halls were decorated with flowers and foreign plants. The Sultan came late, behind him there was a crowded group of ministers and officers. In the courtyard of the British Embassy, ​​the prince and princess were greeted by the protocol and the ambassador. Princess of Wales and Mrs. Elliot greeted her on the first plain. “

Sultan Abdülmecid, on the other hand, comes to the invitation with the palace staff. After taking his place on the platform with the prince and the princess, all the guests flocked to that side to watch the sultan attend a ball for the first time. The prince and princess who get up for the first dance become Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, the General and Mrs. Ignatieff, M. Bourre and others. Sultan Abdülmecid leaves from the invitation just after midnight. The royal group continues to have fun until the light of the day.

On April 8, Princess Christina goes to the Grand Bazaar under the guidance of Miss Gray and embassy translator Sandeson. Later, he visited the Abdullah Brothers Photography studio with Captain Ellis in Pera and the colorful studio of the British painter Amadeo Preziosi from Hamalbaşı street.

Sultan Abdülmecid organizes another magnificent ceremony in honor of his guests, and on the way to Beylerbeyi Mosque in a sultanate boat, ships on both sides of the Bosphorus greet them with cannons, whose poles are decorated with flags throughout. The royal delegation, the British and other European foreigners who fill the sea, the Levantines and the boats adorned with hundreds of curious people, land on the Sultanate boat in Beylerbeyi among the steamboats. Take it with royal chariots on your way back after the Royal Board has rested for a while

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Phil Ruffin is a famous American billionaire who has gained his fortune in gambling. In 2008, in the world of 2.1 billion dollars in the world in the world in the famous Forbes Magazine list. Currently, as of 2017, the financial holdings of Raffin are 2, $ 7 billion. In addition to the casino and other things, Phil is one of the largest dog racing organizers, which are an effective entrepreneur in the petroleum industry, and also has a large number of large companies selling luxury real estate. Lives in Las Vegas, here is a great host of the value of ten million dollars. In 2006, Phil Ruffin was only 606th among the richest people in the world (State 1, 3 billion dollars). Thanks to this financial success we can observe at the moment, Phil was the world famous. He married a Ukrainian girl in 2008. This Alexandra Nikolaenko – Mrs. Ukraine 2001.

In March 14, 1935, Amarillo, Texas was born in the US. She grew up and Wichita grew up in Kansas. She worked here as an economist at the university but never graduated from him. In 1972, Phil Ruffin was the first to open a self-service gas station in Kansas. The work is quickly starting to develop and grow. After several years, refueling refueled Midwest (more than 60 points). In parallel with this work, all states of the country began to transport oil transport. At the end of the 70s, Phil was already a great millionaire and that it seems to be what other necessary for a person over forty years. However, Phil did not even think about stopping. At the same time, he established his own business for the production of wheelbarrows. Phil’s earnings raised in a stable manner and new opportunities began to emerge with them. In 1987, he opened a hotel called Marriott in Wichita. In 1994, he started to work in cooperation with Total’s gas stations in 1994. Then Phil Ruffin was already very close to the first billion, but made a good estimate for their investment.

In 1995, in Bahamas, the Poker Caribbean adventure has opened a Casino called Crystal Palace who hosts various world poker activities. In the late anniversary of the nineties, the world’s largest casino frontier in the Las Vegas Strip was the owner of the Frontier, but it was now destroyed.

Already 83 years old, but we know little about the details of your life. The point is Phil opposes the open-oral public speech. Most of the time, they avoid serious interviews that are bothering it everywhere. It is very short and indefinite responses, so it is difficult to “solve” and “read”. It is known to be married twice from his life. In 2008, he married a Ukrainian beautiful carrying the title of “Mrs. Ukraine 2001”. This girl’s name is Alexandra Nikolaenko, 26 years old, 72 years old American billionaire. So little about the details of their acquaintance is known, so we can only estimate our own modest results. As you know, Phil Ruffin is a good friend of Donald Trump, which organizes one of the brightest world events annually – Mrs. Universe. Apparently, in this competition, Phil noticed his future wife. He gave him expensive gifts for a long time and asked her goodness.

The Wedding took place in Mar-A-Lugo Club, located on 6 January, in the city of Sunny Palm Beach (several kilometers from Miami). As you know, the club belongs to the owners of Donald Trump (now 45th President of the United States).

The couple already have a common child. Phil has three children of the first marriage. The present spouses are visiting Ukraine once a year together with Alexandra – they fly with their own planes. Here’s the owner Alexander Nikolaenko is the “Miss Ukraine Universe” contest.

As you know, the Phil Ruffin has been the owner of a large casino Frontier. American Billionaire usually explained to completely rebuild and rebuild this casino and to give a new name – Montreaux. However, these plans did not take place – the planned project Phil was continuously postponed to the Phil Building of El Ad Properties to a great company. Thanks to the emergence of a new large-scale investment and investment of investment, Phil Ruffin is useful to indicate that there is a lot of money from this work. As a result, the Frointer was destroyed and started the building of the largest resort instead.

In 2009, Billionaire purchased several gasino in Las Vegas – MGM Mirage and Treasure Island. Phil Ruffin, an American businessman who can skip any global crisis of mind. All major agreements were made on time, out of global trends on the crisis. “How does your gambling work develop?” – Phil always responds to: “I am glad to have more jobs to people at a time.”

Phil Ruffin is one of the major financial transactions, and the great billionaire entrepreneurs who make great financial transactions and control the whole world market. 83 years old and continues to think where to invest your money. Fortunately, on this issue, he has a degree of law and also all the secrets of a successful business are being helped by Alexander. A married three

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From ordinary fans of such a card game such poker players have turned into rich and famous people.

But everyone wants more than knowing that some poker players once won several million in one of the tournament competitions. Players who are just starting their rise in the poker world want to get to know their hero in person and get an idea of ​​the true size of their prize money.

Who has the biggest poker win? Which tournament? What was the money spent on? We will talk about all this in the framework of this article. Let’s start with our top 10 most successful poker players in the world.

Our ranking of the biggest winners in poker was opened by young Ryan Riess from the USA. At the age of 23, he applied for the 2013 WSOP poker series and managed to win such an event. As a result, Ren’s prize was a staggering $ 8,361,560 for many players!

Despite his young age, the poker player made good use of the money he earned. He made very successful investments in big companies like Ryan. Facebook, Apple and Disney … Now the poker player is their shareholder. Ren also invested in the rail industry.

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the United States, so it is not surprising that it is from this country that players win big. One of them was Greg Merson. He attended the 2012 Main Event, ahead of his rivals at one such event and earned a jackpot of $ 8,531,853.

Greg Merson cried for a few minutes after his loud triumph and then could not recover for a long time. He couldn’t believe that he had won such a lot of money in front of the poker player.

Big wins in poker force many to change their lives, and Greg was no exception. The poker player recovered from alcohol and drug addiction, bought a huge house for his family, and began learning about such a card game from previous winners. With the remaining money Greg decided to participate in the closed cash games.

We will continue to voice the biggest poker wins and now focus on another successful American player, Joe Cada. He started playing poker since childhood, as his mother worked as a croupier in a casino. Joe began participating in online giveaways at the age of 16, and by the age of 21 he was able to put together a $ 500,000 bankroll.

Then Joe decided to expand the boundaries of his game, so he began to participate in live tournaments. But the poker player came out beyond his power, so he lost almost all his money. As a result, Joe had no money left to buy the 2009 WSOP, but there were sponsors paying for his game and for good reason. Joe earned $ 8,547,042. Of these, each sponsor received 2 million.

However, Joe Cada was not left without money. After all, most of the prize was awarded to the player. In addition to this, he bought another million from the poker room as his hand played with his trademarked clothes.

Big poker wins have improved the living conditions of many players, including Joe. The poker player used his prize money to buy a house in Las Vegas. The player plans to invest the remaining amount into his own business.

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KYRENIA – The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), which carries the traces of a 10 thousand-year-old culture and is an important point of attraction not only with its sea but also with its gastronomy, has opened a new channel for tourism, the locomotive sector of the country, with organized tournaments.

Texas Hold’em (poker) tournaments offer attractive prizes to the fans of this game, which is also called sports in some countries, appealing to a wide audience among the games of fortune, while also allowing them to have a five-star holiday in the TRNC.

Merit Tourism Group, which has contributed greatly to the development of tournament tourism in the TRNC, brought together 800 poker players from 35 countries, including Antonio Esfandiari and Michael Mizrachi, the world’s top-earning poker players, at the International Texas Hold’em Tournament. Merit Tourism Group ensures that approximately 3 thousand foreign tourists come to the country with the tournaments it organizes. This figure, which reaches 5,000 with their families, is increasing every year. Including the US, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Lebanon, Vietnam, Greece, Spain, Iraq, Canada, about 35 thousands of players from the country of Israel and Turkey found welcomes Merit Tourism Group, in the world, followed by the famous lets players arrive in the country.

Among these people, their names almost identified with Texas Hold’em tournaments; Antonio Esfandiari, Michael Mizrachi, Matt Savage, Kelly Kim, Ivan Demidov, Tuan Le, Sergey Rybachenko, Roy Winston, Marvin Rettenmaier, Jean-Robert Bellande, Phil Ivey, and Roger Hairabedian. Reha Arar, the Chairman of the Board of Merit, stated that Texas Hold’em is a game based on intelligence, mathematics and score knowledge, as well as a chance just like pacifier, checkers and chess, and stated that they organize an average of 15 tournaments a year.

Explaining that the most important players in the world come in these tournaments, Arar said that the players do not play for money among themselves. Stating that the winners were rewarded at the end of the tournament, Arar explained that Merit was the first hotel group to organize the Texas Hold’em tournament internationally. Arar noted that the tournaments opened a new channel in the field of tourism in TRNC.

Stating that the tournaments during the year became organized almost monthly during the summer season, Merit Poker’s President Ümit Michael Peltekçi said that the most important of these was WPT.

Stating that TRNC taking part in one of the tournament legs of WPT is a great success, Peltekçi said, “Our tournament, which will be held on 14-26 August, will enable world-famous names to come to TRNC”. Stating that the cash prizes distributed in the tournaments exceeded 10 million dollars in total last year, Michael Peltekçi stated that they organized a total of 6 tournaments, 5 of which were international, for the first half of this year. Ümit Michael Peltekçi also stated that approximately 7 million dollars were distributed to more than 2 thousand players in these tournaments. Within the scope of the tournament, the winner of the 2004 Eurovision Contest, Ukrainian singer Ruslana, and Grigor Leps, one of the famous pop singers of Russia, who came from Southern Cyprus and faced some difficulties in the meantime, also gave a concert at the Royal Hotel.